Ethical Technology is a group of Zoho programmers who give a sh*t

Our mission is to help purpose driven businesses succeed through technology. We are experts at Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator and building custom integrations with external APIs.

Who we help

We follow the Programmers Who Give a Shit manifesto. Technology is a powerful tool - a dangerous one in the wrong hands. For that reason, we have strict policies around the type of clients we take on. We do not work with organisations in the following industries which we consider to be ethically fraught: fossil fuel extraction or distribution, alcohol, gambling, arms manufacturing and religious organisations. Our ideal clients are involved in renewable energy or charities focused on effective altruism. We are also happy to help small businesses who don't work in our excluded industries.

Our skillset

Our lead developer, Jeremy Nagel, has been working with Zoho since 2011 and has been recognised as a Zoho catalyst MVP. He has written a book on Zoho programming and produced two eLearning courses on Zoho CRM/Zoho Programming. Our other developers are experienced with most aspects of Zoho development and have delivered many projects for clients around the world.

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